Top Italian Scientist in Material and Nano Science

University seeking top professor?22-Oct-2018 - Ranked #37 out of 86 (entering the ranking #48 out of 57 in May 2016), Mario Pagliaro is quickly progressing the ranking of Top Italian Scientists Material & Nano Sciences.

Compiled by VIA-Academy scholars, the rank -- led by Andrea Ferrari -- classifies top Italian scientists (h-index > 30 only) using Google Scholar database.

VIA-Academy is a bottom-up organization that thrives on the synergistic and pro-active contribution of all its members. Current major contributors are Mauro Degli Esposti (Faculty of Life Sciences), Silvia Massini (Manchester Business School) and Lucio Piccirillo (Astrophysics). All work at the University of Manchester.

Mario Pagliaro (@helionomics) leads one of Europe's primary research centres in the feld of nano- and sustainable chemistry.

Is your University seeking for world's class professor of chemistry/renewable energy/bioeconomy? Mario Pagliaro currently evaluates proposals.

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