ĢIn Nano-Age you highlighted a coating technology that has had a great impact on my lifeģ

Terry Aladice, COO of Assero Coating Technologies7-Jul-2021 - On July 6th, the Chief operating officer and a founder at Assero Coating Technologies Terry Alladice wrote to Mario Pagliaro from Vancouver:

"Dear Dr.Pagliaro,

"I recently came across the announcement that you have been elected as an ordinary member of the Academia Europaea, congratulations.

"Back in 2016 I came across your book the Nano-Age How Nanotechnology Changes Our Future and found that you highlighted in Chapter 6 a coating technology that has had a great impact on my life.  Our company is set to join forces with Nanovere Technologies as we raise the bar for sustainable protective coatings.

"I have sticky notes all over my hard copy of your book. Believe me, I was in a panic back in 2016 not being able to get a copy in Canada/USA. Fortunately, our CFO was visiting his folks in the UK and was able to purchase a copy for me.

"I wish you the best, and again thank you for the inspiration."

"A message like yours" responded Dr Pagliaro "is, along with the intellectual reward of a researcher's work, the basic reason to continue this job, asking talented students to join us".

Invented by Tom Choat, a microbiology graduate from the university of Michigan who subsequently founded Nanovere Technologies, the technology highlighted in chapter 6 of Nano-Age "Protecting our goods and conserving energy" is a polyurethane -based dendrimer nanocoating.

Since then, the technology has been  further advanced and today it makes use of nanostructured spherical molecular nanostructures. Users apply these "Nano Clear" one pot component coatings on all sort of (metal, polymeric, concrete and wood) surfaces to protect them from corrosion and biofouling, reducing thereby costly repaint and polishing cycles and extending the lifecycle of widely different goods such as ships and wind turbines.

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Nano-Clear Coatings test data.

M. Pagliaro, Nano-Age How Nanotechnology Changes Our Future, Wiley-VCH, 2010.

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