Chemistry and Energy Journal Impact Factors

Below are the current (2014) impact factors (IF) for selected journals in chemistry, materials science and energy of four important publishers. For comparison, the 2013 values are reported.

Published each year (mid June) in the Journal of Citation Reports by the former Institute of Scientific Information, the IF provides an indication of the average number of citations per paper.

IF values for journals are calculated by dividing the number of citations in a year, by the number of citeable articles published in the preceding two years. This means that the higher the number of published issues, the more difficult becomes to get an high IF. A weekly journal with an IF  > 6, for example, is a truly exceptional one.

To learn more about the IF and other bibliometric indicators in chemical research, read our (open access) article: "On the use of the h-index in evaluating chemical research" (Chemistry Central Journal 7 (2013) 132).

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