Expect an impressive training programme - Welcome!

You are a young researcher who wants to be stimulated in your endeavour to acquire scientific and technological knowledge, and want to do part of your MSci or PhD in a stimulating and inspiring research environment.

Ask your supervisor to spend part of your PhD or MSsci in the research Group of Mario Pagliaro at Italy's CNR, whose Lab based in Palermo, Sicily, works in close partnership with researchers based in 20 countries at the development of new functional materials and chemical processes for a multiplicity of applications, ranging from synthetic organic chemistry to protection of cultural heritage.

You will simultaneously acquire the personal skills you will need to further develop your career through a versatile programme that addresses both academic expertise and personal skills; while spending several months or one year in a surprisingly nice place for carrying out multidisciplinary research at the interface between chemistry, biology and materials science.

Palermo -- a sea city inhabitated by hospitable people -- is among Italy's finest cities, with an intense cultural and night life, being also an excellent surfing location.

Studies -- whose outcomes are amongst the most frequently cited in the scientific literature -- have a strong theoretical input and are aimed at producing devices as well as new chemical processes based on the understanding of the relations between structure and activity of materials and processes involved.

One of our approaches to utilize molecules for technological applications is via structural organization in solid state.

All work gets regularly published in the scientific literature of highest impact. You will carry out your work in the context of ongoing, active co-operation with leading Laboratories based in 20 countries.

Jerusalem, Lisboa, Liverpool, Quebec, Florence and Fuzhou are only some of the cities hosting our research partners.

Along with the abundance of resources to carry out your research, you will enjoy the international cultural background and open-mindedness atmosphere in a working environment comprised of helpful and kind people.


# Conversion of biomass into high-value products
# Heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals
# Catalysis in supercritical CO2
# Green chemistry for the bioeconomy
# Surface coating and protection
# Underwater cultural heritage
# Solar energy
# Graphene
# CO2 photoreduction
# Analytical chemistry (sensors)
# Visible-light photocatalysis
# Hydrodynamic cavitation for clean processes
# Electrocatalysis

Research-based training includes training activities such as seminars and international conferences. Between 2011 and 2017, the team organized the SuNEC - Sun New Enery Conference and the FineCat - Symposium on heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals. 
The research Group of Mario Pagliaro at Italy's CNR next to that of Prof. Laura M. Ilharco at Lisboa's IST

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