FineCat - Symposium on heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals

FineCat, the Symposium on heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals was held in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, between 2012 and 2017.

Established in 2012, following publication of the Catalysis Science & Technology themed issue "Heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals", the FineCat Symposium was organised by Mario Pagliaro's Lab at Italy's Research Council in cooperation with Palermo's University..

The standing of this Symposium is testified by the previous speakers atthe previuous editions of the meeting: 
Research in heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemicals synthesis is flourishing. Ten years after the highlight paper in Science of Cole-Hamilton in which David lamented that no heterogenized homogeneous catalysts was known to have found practical application, the Symposium organizers described in OPRD a number of new industrial processes that use efficient and highly selective solid mediators.

New solid catalysts can not only be easily separated and recycled, but also effectively applied to continuous chemical syntheses carried out under flow, thereby opening the route to clean, efficient chemical synthesis both on the lab and on industrial scale. Furthermore, biomass feedstock is emerging to replace raw materials of petrochemical origin, thereby closing the materials cycle that makes processes truly sustainable.

Call of Abstracts

Abstracts were invited for both oral and poster presentations in the following themes:
  • Green catalytic processes
  • Organo- and biocatalysis
  • Selective photocatalysis for organic chemistry
  • Asymmetric heterogeneous catalysis
  • Atom economy and clean technology
  • Green reaction media
  • Heterogeneous catalysis under flow conditions

Publishing Partner

Catalysis Science & Technology -- the flagship catalysis journal of RSC Publishing -- has been the main publishing partner.

All articles will be subject to rigorous peer-review according to the journal’s usual standards. If accepted, manuscripts will be published with a footnote mentioning the FineCat Symposium.

The Journal further promotes the event through provision of poster prizes of online subscriptions to the journal.

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