University seeking visiting Professor in chemistry, solar energy and bioeconomy

Mario Pagliaro fotografato da Alberto CristoforiMay-2024 - Top University seeking a visiting Professor in chemistry, solar energy and bioeconomy may wish to contact Mario Pagliaro.

Elected in 2021 ordinary member of Academia Europaea in the chemical sciences class, Dr Pagliaro is also Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry having been designated Fellow in 2014 in recognition of his "significant contributions to the chemical sciences". Named Highly Ranked Scholar amid all scholars in all fields (top 0.05% and better), Dr Pagliaro is listed in the Stanford University World Ranking list of Scientists, and is amid Italy's most cited scientists in nanotechnology and materials chemistry.

Developed in co-operation with leading researchers based in 20 countries, his Group's research is reported in nearly 360 frequently cited research papers, 39 of which feature on the cover of journals such as Materials Advances, ChemSusChem, Nanoscale, Catalysis Science & Technology, Energy Technology and ChemCatChem.

Frequently cited for his excellence in teaching and writing, Dr Pagliaro has co-authored 22 books.

Member of the Advisory Board of Chemical Society Reviews, Dr Pagliaro sits on the board of several internationally recognized scientific journals.

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