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Dr Pagliaro illustrates study on enhanced polysaccharide nanofibers in a video posted on ChemComm website22-Sept-2021 - Dr Pagliaro illustrates in a video posted today on Chemical Communications website the team's recent study on improved production of polysaccharide nanofibers.

The article has been selected by Chemical Communications for its hot articles collection.

The study shows that synthesis of carboxylated polysaccharide nanofibers such as cellulose nanofiber (CNF) and nanosacchachitin mediated by SiliaCat TEMPO, affords insoluble polysaccharide nanofibers of superior quality, eliminating waste.

The new production strategy developed by scholars in South Korea involves the SiliaCat TEMPO-mediated oxidation followed by homogenisation. The residual hypochlorite can be quenched with 0.3% ascorbic acid to produce chloride and subsequently CNF is separated from the solid catalyst via simple filtration.

This dramatically reduces the polysaccharide nanofiber production costs opening the route to large-scale production of functional bionanomaterials where their use has been limited by high cost.

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