Top Author in organic chemistry

Mario Pagliaro leads the Highly Prolific Top Selected Authors list of OPR&D (2012-2016)Washington 18-Nov-2016 - Mario Pagliaro (Italy's Research Council), has been recognized first amongst highly prolific top Authors of Organic Process Research & Development (most published articles in the past 5 years). The other prominent scientists are Klavs Jensen (MIT), C. Oliver Kappe (University of Graz), Shinya Yoshida (Astellas Pharma), and Stefan Abele (Actelion Pharmaceuticals).

"Being in company of uch eminent scientists -- says Dr Pagliaro -- further recognizes the outstanding work done by all the students and young researchers who have worked with us in recent years. Time is ripe for the foundation in Sicily of the new Institute of bioeconomy and solar energy of Italy's Research Council".

A chemistry and energy scholar ranking amongst Italy's most cited scientists in nanotechnology and materials chemistry, Dr Pagliaro leads in Sicily a research Group focusing on nanochemistry, sustainability and the bioeconomy whose achievements include numerous important advances reported in over 180 research papers.

Developed in co-operation with leading researchers based in 20 countries, including Israel, Canada, China, Portugal and the US, the research of his Group continuously appears in some of the leading journals in chemistry, energy and materials science.

Organic Process Research & Development covers R&D from and for the fine organic chemicals and specialty chemicals industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, flavors and fragrances, intermediates, food additives, and specialty polymers.

The journal serves as a communication tool between industrial chemists and chemists working in universities and research institutes. It reports original work from the broad field of industrial process chemistry but also presents academic results that are relevant to industrial applications. It publishes original work describing such studies and the actual implementation on scale, and studies on new developments from either industry, research institutes or academia that have not yet been demonstrated on scale.

Encompassing every aspect of organic chemistry, including all aspects of catalysis, synthetic methodology development and synthetic strategy exploration, OPRD includes aspects from analytical and solid-state chemistry and chemical engineering, such as work-up tools, process safety, or flow-chemistry. 

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