External Examiner at the University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool logo4-Apr-2019 - The University of Liverpool Doctoral College Manager has appointed Mario Pagliaro External Examiner for the degree of Doctor in Philosophy (PhD) of Edgar Osiris Gonzalez Yanez.

Entitled "Supported Metal Nanoparticles for The Selective Transformation Of Bio-derived Molecules By Thermal Catalysis and Photocatalysis", the Thesis for the degree of Doctor in Philosophy is the outcome of three-year work carried out under the mentorship of Professor Tony Lopez-Sanchez, the Director of the MicroBioRefinery in the Chemistry Department and academic leader in Sustainability in the new Materials Innovation Factory.

The examination committee includes an Internal Examiner (but not the supervisor). The viva voce is normally held within three months of submission of the Thesis.

Research at Liverpool's MicroBioRefinery is dedicated to catalysis for sustainability with a strong focus in biomass and carbon dioxide transformations via chemo, bio- and photocatalysis.

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