Letter for Dr Deepti Dabas

Deepti Dabas, PhD10-Apr-2018 - Dr Pagliaro has delivered to day a letter to Dr Deepti Dabas -- lead scientist and senior manager at an important company producing natural colors, flavors and antioxidants for food among other naturally sourced ingredients -- who is applying for a Green Card in a certain category in the United States.

Dr Dabas is a leading researcher in natural food colorants. She has made particularly noteworthy accomplishments with respect to natural sources for food and beverage colorants. Dr. Dabas’ article ‘Red Natural Colors for high pH applications’ in Adv Food Technology Nutr Sci Open J 1, 10 (2014) is particularly influential in this field. Therein she demonstrated the superior stability of beet-based pigments.

She Dabas received her M. Sci. in Food Science and Technology from the Haryana Agricultural University, India, in 2001 and her PhD in Food Science from Pennsylvania State University in 2011 with a thesis reporting a new natural orange color from avocado seeds.

Her doctorate work was highlighted by the specialized press. In 2012 she joined Kalsec where her work has resulted in increased stability of beet and lycopene pigments as well as demonstrating their use in various applications. Since 2015 she supervising a team of scientists leading multiple colors projects.

In the food industry the demand of natural colors replacing synthetic colorants is significant and rapidly increasing, even though the stability of naturals is generally lower than that of synthetics. Finding new technologies for extracting, increasing the stability and demonstrating their effectiveness in different applications is therefore of extreme importance to the food and beverage industry.

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