Graphene moiety entrapped for the fist time within the crystal lattice of palladium

Route to GrafeoPlad developed in Italy20-Apr-2023 - On April 18, 2023, the successful entrapment of graphene oxide layers within the lattice of palladium nanoparticles was first reported in a preprint posted at ChemRxiv.

Dubbed “GrafeoPlad”, the resulting material comprised of aggregated hybrid nanoparticles was successfully applied by PhD student Matteo Formenti to catalyze the selective hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline at room temperature.

"The entrapment of the graphene moiety in the lattice of metal crystallite opens new avenues in catalysis science and technology" says Cristina Della Pina commenting the news. Graphene, indeed, was not deposited by the team on the outer surface of the metal crystallites (graphene on metal), but tightly entrapped within the crystal structure (graphene in metal).

"The delocalized pi-electrons of graphene oxide in the metal", adds Rosaria Ciriminna, the other corresponding author of the paper, "interact in a uniquely new way with the  Fermi sea electrons of metal"".

Carried out at Milano's University Department of Chemistry, the doctorate of Matteo Formenti concerns a research project entitled "Unveiling the double face of metal-based catalysis: promoter for the C-C cross coupling reactions and enhancer for the degradation of stone materials by outdoor pollution".

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