The first USA-Europe ACS Symposium on Energy

</div>5-Aug-2022 - The first USA-Europe ACS Symposium on Energy organized by the ACS Division of Energy and Fuels will be held in Chicago on August 22 and 23, 2022 on the occasion of the ACS Fall 2022 National Meeting. The theme of the 2022 Fall ACS National Meeting is "Sustainability in a Changing World".

Supported by the American Chemical Society via an “Innovative Project Grants" grant, the first ACS-supported USA-Europe symposium on energy gathers scientists and engineers from USA and Europe to present research findings and exchange ideas on energy in the context of the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources.

Topics include, energy production, energy storage, smart grid technologies, advancements in materials science for renewable energy production and enhanced energy efficiency.

Speakers at the Symposium include Giulia Galli, Bruce Dunn, George Huber, Xinliang Feng, Randall Snurr, Scott Barnett, Csaba Janaki and Jason Croy.

Yun Hang Hu, Charles and Carroll McArthur Endowed Chair Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Michigan Technological University, and Mario Pagliaro, research director at Italy's Research Council, are the co-chairs of the Symposium.

Full programme

The Symposium is organized in four sessions and will be held on August 22 and August 23 at the McCormick Place Convention Center and will include both in person and online presentations.

Section A
Bio-inspired photosynthetic soft materials - Samuel Stupp
Quantum simulations of sustainable materials - Giulia Galli
Interfacial Engineering of Batteries and Solar Energy Materials using Atomic Layer Deposition - Neil Dasgupta
Replacing Thermoelectric Generation with Renewable Energy Systems - Mario Pagliaro
Catalytic upgrading of ethanol to C8+ distillate range ethers via guerbet coupling and etherification - George Huber
Enabling Sustainable Materials for Next-Generation Cathodes: Research and Development at Argonne National Laboratory - Jason Croy
Use of Bismuth Sulfide as a photo-electrode material in multi-junction perovskite solar cells - Saket Mathur

Section B
Computational discovery of nanoporous materials for energy applications - Randall Snurr
Development of Reversible Solid Oxide Cells For Renewable Energy Storage - Scott Barnett
Electrolyzer Development for Intermittent Operation: a Journey from the Catalyst to the System Level - Csaba Janaky
Quantitative Predictions of Experimental Behavior of Materials for Renewable Energy Applications - Alexander Mironenko
Graphene and 2D Materials from Electrochemical Approaches: prospects for energy-related applications - Xinliang Feng
3D Graphene Materials for Energy Devices - Yun Hu
Sustainable oxide-based photoelectrochemical cells for bias-free and stable solar fuel production - Robert Hoye

Section C
Materials and architectures for high rate energy storage - Bruce Dunn
Advancing Sodium Batteries to meet the Demands of Electric Grid and EV Transportation - Christopher Johnson
Defect mobility engineering through electronic excitations: Modern materials for quantum computing and batteries - Andre Schleife
Atomic-Resolution and In-Situ Analysis of Multi-Valent Ion Battery Cathodes - Robert Klie
Hysteresis control of halide perovskite solar cells. Moving from frequency to time domain and back - Juan Bisquert Mascarell
Materials and interfaces in Tandem Dye-sensitized solar cells - Elizabeth Gibson
Synthesis and Properties of Carbon-based Nanocomposites for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage Applications - Wei Wei

Section D
AIM-ing for Energy Relevant Catalyst Design with Single Atom Precision - Joseph Hupp
Functionalization of Nano-Clays for Mud Logging Application in Drilling Fluids - Wei Wang
Semiconductor Materials for Scalable Photoelectrochemical Fuel Production - Kevin Sivula
Experiment investigation of a solar reactor for thermochemical syngas production via the CeO2-CH4-CO2 redox reforming cycle in a concentrating solar tower - Mario Zuber
Stabilization of metal halide perovskites magic sized clusters and amino metal halide molecular clusters in solid state form - Jin Zhang
Advanced Heteroatom-doped Porous Carbon Membranes Assisted by Poly(ionic liquid) Design and Engineering for Energy application - Jiayin Yuan
Mg2+ intercalation into transition metal oxides: what do we know and what would we like to know? - Jordi Cabana
Low-temperature solid fuel cells with hydrocarbon fuels - Hanrui Su

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