«Climate change and green transition»

          Pagliaro giving one of the keynote lectures at the 8th
          Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium, 12 Jan
          202412-Jan-2024 - Entitled «Climate change and green transition», Mario Pagliaro gave today a keynote lecture at the 8th Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium.

Dr Pagliaro's lecture focused on providing arguments for which the transition to renewable energy is a global economic need, before than eing an environmental urgency, as well as it is an opportunity for economic and social development, and not a threat to societal wellbeing.

Finally, Dr Pagliaro highlighted the need for massive government investment in Europe, North and Latin America countries and in Russia in order to develop new energy technology industries as it was done with the oil and gas industry.

Chaired by Professor Dominici and held on January 11-12, 2024 at the University of Palermo, the Symposium saw the lectures of eminent speakers including Steffen Roth, Professor of Management at Excelia Business School La Rochelle, Constantin Bratianu, Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management and Knowledge Management at the UNESCO Department for Business Administration, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and Maurice Yolles, Professor Emeritus of Management Systems Liverpool John Moores University.

Great Reset - Opportunity or threat?

            Business Laboratory International Symposium"Great Reset - Opportunity or threat" is the topic of the 2024 Symposium.

For many the so called "Great reset" advocated by the World economic forum represents a "necessary opportunity" to develop towards a more sustainable and happer society.

For many others it is a tremendous threat towards a dystopian society. Between these two opposites worldviews there are many scholars and thinkers who exposed more moderate opinions.

In 2021, Professor Roth published an influential article on the "great reset" showing that, if actually implemented, it would amount "to a reverse-engineering of a medieval society under health auspices".

The 2024 Symposium 2024 aimed to discuss with scientific rigor all these transformations and find new ways to address the global economic and social challenges of our times by systemic perspectives.

The gathering aims to shed light on the various interactions between natural social and economic systems in this turbulent period with a multidisciplinary perspective that includes a wide range of fields such as management, psychology, economics, science and education.

The keynote lectures at will be further developed into a book chapter in the book Great Reset. Opportunity or Threat? - Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium, Palermo, Italy, 2024 published by Springer International Publishing, edited by Elena-Mădălina Vătămănescu and Gandolfo Dominici.

A nice photo album of the Symposium can be readily accessed online.

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