Invited lecture at ITMO University students

SCAMT Workshop Week logo4-Jul-2020 - On July 8th, 2020 (4pm Moscow time) Dr Pagliaro will give an invited lecture to the ITMO University students taking part into the SCAMT Workshop Week.

Entitled "New catalysts for real chemical production from petrochemistry to drug for COVID-19" the lecture, to be followed by a Q&A session, will focus on both selected fundamental catalysis science aspects and process chemistry implementation

Dr Pagliaro is one of Italy's most cited scholars in organic chemistry and in nanotechnology and materials science.

Previously held on Summer 2018, Winter 2019, Summer 2019 and Winter 2020, the SCAMT Workshop Week is an innovative school format enabling ITMO students to take part into a research project selected out of several in the most modern fields of nanotechnologies, and thereby get new practical professional skills.

The 2020 Summer school includes 10 practical research projects, from microbial illumination to antiviral aerogels.

Nine overview lectures, including that of Dr Pagliaro, are aimed to further boost knowledge and soft skills of the students. Eminent external invited lecturers include also Kirill Afonin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, ad Phil Buckhaults, University of South Carolina.

This year, the SWW will be conducted in English. Participation in SCAMT Workshop Week is free for students who were selected (with free accommodation for nonresidents) following application within April 5, 2020 based on their CV and motivation letter. 

Participants in the SWW also have the opportunity to enter the Master's Degree Programs «Molecular Biology and Biotechnology» and «Chemistry of Applied Materials» without entrance examinations.

SCAMT Laboratory

The SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) Laboratory is one of the most dynamically developing laboratories in Russia and worldwide.

Its creation was initiated by Vladimir and Alexander Vinogradov along with the scientific backing of Prof. David Avnir from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Currently the Laboratory is made up of 10 independent research Groups engaged in various interdisciplinary projects in areas in chemistry, materials science, food science, microbiology and more, with the common goal to contrbute to solve pressing problems of high societal concern.

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