«Hydrodynamic cavitation for natural product extraction»

Mario Pagliaro's invited Seminar at the University of Milan, June 5, 20235-Jun-2023 - Mario Pagliaro has been invited by the University of Milan to give a Seminar on hydrodynamic cavitation for natural product extraction. Coordinator of the Seminar is Professor Cristina Della Pina, with whom Dr Pagliaro jointly mentors the doctorate of PhD student Matteo Formenti.

Widely pioneered by Pagliaro's and Meneguzzo's teams at Italy's Research Council, hydrodynamic cavitation (HC) applied to natural product extraction from biological resources in 2020 has been termed by Pagliaro as "the enabling technology of the bioeconomy".

What are the main technical and economic advantages of this natural product extraction route?

Is it realistic to assume that incumbent companies of the huge natural product market will shortly adopt cavitation technology? Or will it be used solely by new entrants in the natural product market?

Showing how in the last five years (2017-22) HC applied to extract bioproducts from biological resources has actually opened the route to unforeseen, and most promising, developments that concern also today’s materials science and technology, in his lecture, Dr Pagliaro will answer these and closely related questions.

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Rosaria Ciriminna, Antonino Scurria, Mario Pagliaro, "Natural product extraction via hydrodynamic cavitation", Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy 33 (2023) 101083. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scp.2023.101083

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