«Thank you! 20,000 times!»

Selected friends
          and colleagues who worked with Mario Pagliaro's Lab since
          200014-Nov-2023 - According to Google Scholar, a research database providing free access also to citation data, Mario Pagliaro's Lab publications in the international literature crossed today the 20,000 citation threshold.

"I sincerely want to mark the occasion to publicly thank every friend and colleague from Italy and from across the world with whom we have had the privilege to collaborate" said Dr Pagliaro on learning the news.

"In particular, I wish to thank all former Master, PhD students and young researchers: Giovanni Palmisano, Marzia Sciortino, Piera Demma Carà, Nino Scurria, Francesco Parrino, Massimo Carraro, Riccardo Delisi, Mina Ghahremani, Diego Carnaroglio, Domenico Nuzzo, Gabriele Scandura, Daniela Maria Pizzone, Matteo Formenti, Claudia Lino, Chiara Valenza, Yael Albo, Giuseppe Angellotti, Valentina Di Liberto, and Sofia Morozova".

Pagliaro’s team publications cover a broad field encompassing the areas of green chemistry, nanochemistry, solar energy, bioeconomy, catalysis, green extraction of natural products, biomedicine, energy eficiency, advanced education, open science, and research policy.

The scholars who co-authored research articles with Pagliaro's Lab are based in 20 countries, including Portugal, Canada, Israel, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Great Britain, Iran, USA, Greece, France, Italy, China, United Arab Emirates, Russia and the Netherlands.

The 10,000 citation threshold had been crossed on April 2019. All papers are "green" self-archived on the MPL website.

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