Single-Atom Catalysis: A Forthcoming Revolution in Chemistry

Single-Atom Catalysis: A Forthcoming Revolution in Chemistry

Elsevier (2019)
Preface of Rafael Luque
Paperback ISBN: 9780128190883 
Page Count: 94
Heavily illustrated in color


Single-Atom Catalysis: A Forthcoming Revolution in Chemistry reviews the latest developments, including whether or not this technology can become a technically and economically viable choice and whether existing challenges can be overcome to encourage its uptake.

Beginning with an introduction to single-atom catalysis and current developments in the field, the book then reviews its role in potentially disruptive technologies, with a particular focus on applications in synthetic organic chemistry, solar hydrogen technologies and low platinum/platinum-free fuel cells.

Other sections cover the steps needed for single-atom catalysis to become an industrially viable technology and its future outlook.

Based on the extensive experience of its award-winning author, this book provides an authoritative guide on this novel approach.


Chemists and chemical engineers across academia and industry interested in catalysis, green chemistry, synthesis and sustainability; nanochemists, materials scientists, environmental chemists, energy scholars and researchers.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Single-Atom Catalysis
  2. The role of Single-Atom Catalysis in Potentially Disruptive Technologies
  3. Can Single-Atom Catalysis Be An Industrially Viable Technology?
  4. Outlook and Perspectives On Single-Atom Catalysis

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