High-Resolution photographs of Mario Pagliaro

Each of the following photographs is available in a high-resolution version for use in print publications or for import into graphics programs when creating new Web illustrations featuring Mario Pagliaro.

Click on one of the small photos to download the large version. The press may wish to access the photographs made by Alberto Cristofari for the Contrasto photoagency.

Mario Pagliaro lecturing in Moscow at Russian Academy of the Sciences in 2017

Foto di Mario Pagliaro, 2010 Mario Pagliaro in Zurich in front of the ETH after invited lecture, 2012 

Mario Pagliaro alla Energy Management Conference, Milano, 2018  Mario Pagliaro presenta Helionomics alla UniversitÓ "Bocconi" di Milano il 3 Ottobre 2018 Mario Pagliaro photographed by Alberto Cristofari for Contrasto photoagency

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