Nano-Age: How Nanotechnology Changes our Future

Cover of Nano-Age, M. Pagliaro's bookBook by Mario Pagliaro
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2010
ISBN 9783527326761

The review of Ludovico Cadermartiri in Angewandte Chemie
"The result of Pagliaro's approach is a quite enjoyable book that has the rare gift of genuinely
conveying enthusiasm".

The review of Alison Anderson in Applied Organometallics Chemistry.
"Overall,...  this is a well-written book which provides a useful, interesting overview and commentary on the field".

The brief review of Itza Montforte.
"Es una lectura informativa. Está dirigida a la gente que quiere saber más de las tecnologías futurísticas que podrían alterar drásticamente nuestro modo de vida en unos cuantos años".

The review at
"This was a very informative read... I especially enjoyed the last chapter dealing with the nexus of science and culture".


Is the nano-age here to stay or will a bubble soon burst? This thought-provoking page-turner takes a critical glance at how nanotechnology has affected virtually all areas of our lives. From the pharmaceutical industry to energy production and storage, many fields have been truly revolutionized during the nano-age. This book explores the topic in nine entertaining chapters.

  1. Capturing Sun's Energy
  2. From Chemistry to Nanochemistry
  3. Storing and Supplying Clean Energy
  4. Catalysis: Greening The Chemical Industry
  5. Organically Doped Metals
  6. Protecting our Goods and Saving Energy
  7. Better Medicine Through Nanochemistry
  8. Getting There Cleanly
  9. Managing The (Nano)Innovation
  10. Table of Contents

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