Mario Pagliaro joins the Editorial Board of Molecules

Molecules logo11-Aug-2020 Following the invitation of the Editor-in-Chief, Mario Pagliaro has joined the Editorial Board of Molecules, a renowned open-access journal of chemistry sciences. 

Published online semi-monthly by MDPI, Molecules in 2019 published close to 5,000 articles and still recorded its highest impact factor (3.267 in 2019).

Manuscripts submitted to Molecules are peer-reviewed and a first decision is provided to authors approximately 12.3 days after submission. Acceptance for revised accepted manuscript takes 2.5 days (median values for papers published in the first half of 2020), whereas reviewers who provide timely peer-review reports receive vouchers entitling them to a discount on the article processing charge (APC) of their next publication in any MDPI journal, in appreciation of the work done reviewing the manuscript.

Responsibilities of the journal Editorial Board members include leading one Special Issue related to the member's research field every two years, and assistance to editors when needed to make decisions on whether submissions should be rejected or accepted for peer review.

Founded in Basel in 1996, MDPI is the world's largest Open Access (OA) publisher. With 106,152 peer-reviewed articles published in 2019 (a 64% increase compared to 2018), MDPI in 2019 became the 5th largest academic publisher. Its 250 journals, 71 of which already have an impact factor, span multiple fields of today's science.

At current ~50% growth rate, the publisher will become the 4th largest publisher in the world in 2020.

Mario Pagliaro is amid Italy's most cited scholars in nanotechnology, materials science and organic chemistry.

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