Mario Pagliaro promoted to Research Director at Italy's CNR

Mario Pagliaro, Research Director at Italy's CNR18-Aug-2020 Mario Pagliaro has been promoted to Research Director at Italy's Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR). "I am indebted to all former and current co-workers for many years of joyful joint work" commented Dr Pagliaro on learning the news.

Founded in Rome in 1923, with over 8,400 employees working at some 102 research institutes scattered across the country, the CNR is Italy's largest research body. With a yearly budget exceeding €900 million, its researchers carry out both advanced basic and applied research in virtually all fields of today's sciences, including the human sciences.

Likewise to other national research bodies, there are three levels for researchers working at CNR:

1. Researcher (‘ricercatore’)

2. First Researcher (‘primo ricercatore’)

3. Director of Research (‘dirigente di ricerca’)

Promotion from one ladder to another goes through an open selection process based on evaluation of achievements including publications, international activities and so on. 

Mario Pagliaro is amid Italy's most cited scholars in nanotechnology, materials science and organic chemistry. Chieffy developed in Sicily, in  co-operation with leading researchers based in over 20 countries, his Group's research is reported in close to 300 frequently cited research papers. Dr Pagliaro has authored or co-authored 22 books, some of which have become the reference in their specific field of chemistry or energy research.

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