Update meeting of Research Supervisory Committee for PhD at Khalifa University 

Mr Oladipo's first presentation slide in sight of doctorate at Khalifa University on April 202029-Jan-2020 - The Research Supervisory Committee comprising Professors Giovanni Palmisano and Khalid Al Ali of Khalifa University of Science and Technology and Mario Pagliaro of Italy's Research Council met online today to discuss progress of the researches of PhD student Habeebllah Oladipo.

Following the meeting, the candidate will defend his thesis on April 2020.

Mr Oladipo presented the results of hydrogen sulfide photocatalytic decomposition to hydrogen and sulfur-containing salts using newly developed titania-based photocatalyst functionalized with nitrogen, graphene and Pt nanoparticles, (N-TiO2-G composite) as well as over new CdS/N-TiO2 composites.

The former photocatalyst is twice more active than state of the art commercial photocatalytic titania P-25. The other composite shows similar remarkably high photocatalytic activity.

Hydrogen sulfide is an highly toxic by-product at petrochemical plants as well as one significant component of natural gas. After refining, the residual amounts of this susbtance present in the air can still pose a significant hazard, Mr Oladipo explained, for instance at petrochemical and natural gas plants.
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