Invited speaker at ICCOS 2019

ICCOS-2019 International Conference on Catalysis and Organic SynthesisMario Pagliaro will give one of the invited lectures at the International Conference "Catalysis and Organic Synthesis" (ICCOS-2019), to be held in Moscow, September 15-20, 2019.

The Conference covers modern trends in the development of catalysis and organic synthesis, including interdisciplinary areas of nano-science, structural studies, advanced materials and applications of the hybrid and organic functional materials.

Entitled "Sol-Gel Electrocatalysts for Waste-Free Synthetic Organic Chemistry", the lecture will show how elegant sol-gel nanochemistry allowed to overcome the main problem with the first generation of sol-gel electrodes for synthetic organic chemistry materials.

Along with Italy's scholar an impressive list of world's renowned chemistry scholars, including Carsten Bolm, Corey Stephenson, Gregory Fu, Mimi Hill and Bert Sels, will give plenary lectures at ICCOS-2019.

"After discussing the remaining hurdles for industrial uptake of these methods and materials for the synthesis of valued fine chemical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical products" says Dr Pagliaro "I will suggest avenues to incorporate electroorganic synthesis mediated by sol-gel electrodes in student education and training based on contemporary research outcomes".

The Conference is limited to 400 participants. Registration may be closed before the above-mentioned deadlines if the limit is reached.

Deadline for Abstract submission for Oral Communications is July 28, 2019 (July 15th for Poster presentations).

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