Renewal of Chemical Society Reviews Advisory Board membership

Chemical Society Reviews cover, issue 24, volume 43, 20147-Jan-2019 - The Royal Society of Chemistry has renewed the appointment of Mario Pagliaro in the Advisory Board membership of of Chemical Society Reviews for a further two-year period ending on December 2020.

Dr Pagliaro joined Chem Soc Rev Advisory Board for the first time in late 2013.

Globally ranked first by Google Scholar, in the Chemical and Material Sciences broad category, Chemical Society Reviews publishes Tutorial and Critical reviews from top scholars in the key areas of today's research in chemistry.

The majority of reviews will be solicited by members of the editorial board in accordance with editorial policy.
However, the editorial office welcomes suggestions for reviews that would be suitable for the journal.

Do not hesitate to submit a proposal to publish a Tutorial or Critical review in a key subject area of chemistry.

Based in Palermo, Sicily, Mario Pagliaro's research Group has made seminal contributions to the fields of nanochemistry, solar energy and bioeconomy.

Universities seeking new full-time professors in chemistry, renewable energy and bioeconomy may wish to contact Mario Pagliaro.

Designated Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2014 in recognition of his "significant contributions to the chemical sciences", Dr Pagliaro ranks amongst Italy's most cited scientists in nanotechnology and materials science.

Developed in co-operation with leading researchers based in >20 countries, his Group's research is reported in over 220 research papers, 24 of which featuring on the cover of journals such as ChemSusChem, Nanoscale, Catalysis Science & Technology and ChemCatChem.

Frequently cited for his excellence in teaching and writing, Dr Pagliaro has authored 22 books.

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