Preprint selected amid the 12 best preprints out of 120,000 preprints at Research Square

Preprint on biscuit functionalized with new citrus pectin "IntegroPectin" found amid the best out of 120,000 preprints posted at Research Square17-Dec-2021 - Editors at Research Square have selected our #preprint "A Gluten-free Biscuit Fortified with Lemon IntegroPectin" amid the 12 Best Holiday Preprints out of more than 120,000 studies in hundredes of disciplines preprinted at the preprint platform.

The editors searched Research Square platform for terms associated with the Christmas holiday season.

"We found were some fascinating research topics from across the world like a study testing the use of a Mistletoe extract for its potential use in chemotherapy, an investigation on the effects of Boswellic Acid (aka frankincense) and myrrh on ischemic stroke in rats, and various studies on foods", wrote Phillip Bogdan on the platform blog.

The study describes the first outcomes of producing a gluten-free biscuit by replacing 2.5 wt% of the rice flour used in the preparation of the cookie with lemon IntegroPectin, a new citrus pectin obtained from lemon processing waste via hydrodynamic cavitation showing exceptional antioxidant properties and ( in vitro) high neuroprotective activity.

The cookie’s friability, palate adhesion, flavor persistency and compactness remain virtually unchanged. Only the sweetness and the smell (flavor) of the functionalized cookie are lower than those of the commercial biscuit. Production of biscuits fortified with this new pectin might result not only in gluten-free and low-calorie cookies but also in a fortified cookie capable to aid in the prevention of chronic disease such as neuronal disorders.

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