Congratulations to Professor Babak Karimi

5-Feb-2019 - There are also Dieter Enders and Mario Pagliaro delivering their congratulations to Professor Babak Karimi in a nice video produced to celebrate the awardee of the 31st Khwarizmi International Award for fundamental research in chemistry

Developed at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Zanjān, Karimi's work in catalysis, green and organic chemistry has resulted in a number of new catalytic materials for key synthetic processes holding great applicative potential to fine chemical manufacturing.

Awarded yearly by the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, the Khwarizmi Award recognizes outstanding scientific achievements made by innovators from all over the world in science and technology.

The Award was created in memory of Abu Jafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Khwarizmi, the great Persian mathematician and astronomer.

Pagliaro's and Karimi's teams collaborate at advancing catalysis and green chemistry. Amid other achievements, their collaboration lately resulted in the new ZEmOEl nanostructured electrode for the selective oxidation of alcohols using an electric current suitable for the synthesis of valued substances including active pharmaceutical ingredients, fragrances, vitamins, hormones, natural product derivatives and synthons.

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