SuNEC - The Sun New Energy Conference

Jointly organised by the Institute of Nanostructured Materials of Italy’s Research Council and by Palermo's University DEIM Department, in 2011 our team established the “SuNEC—Sun New Energy Conference” held yearly in Sicily which in six consecutive conferences (five times in Santa Flavia and once in Palermo) saw the lectures of internationally renowned scientists such as Aldo Steinfeld, Bernard Kippelen, Vincenzo Balzani,  Thomas Brown, Percival Zhang, Yuri Baurov, Ruud Schropp. Francesco Meneguzzo, Wai-Yeung Wong, Keith Barnham, Kisuk Kang and Bao Lian-Su, attracting delegates from all continents and turning Sicily into an attraction platform for scholars and students from across the world.

RSC Energy & Environmental Science first and Wiley's open access journal Energy Science & Engineering acted as the conference official publication platform, publishing manuscripts for peer-review originating from the meeting.

The scientific program of each Conference featured oral and poster presentation, which fully demonstrated the impact of the advances in solar energy science and technology, highlighting exciting innovations in different fields of solar science and technology.

Reports and pictures on all the conference editions will go online shortly.

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